Bringing people together for a day of service to show the love of Jesus in our community ​

have an idea for a project?

We are currently seeking ideas for the September 21, 2019 day of service. If you have an idea, go ahead and submit it even if you think it is a bit crazy. We love engaging with you to brainstorm how to make it happen!

Here are some project guidelines to help with your idea generation:

  • …should benefit Pulaski County residents in some way

  • …should be able to be complete the project on the day of service…can’t build a house…yet😊

  • …can be indoor or outdoor projects but performed in Pulaski County

  • …should facilitate a team of about a dozen people or less…we like to work in fun, small groups

And here’s a sample list of the 50+ projects from our past 3 years of service:

  • Pulaski County High School: installed a drop ceiling in the basketball locker room

  • Dublin Adult Day Care: landscaped along the front of the building

  • Agency on Aging: painted the house for an elderly couple

  • Highland Village: landscaped

  • Randolph Park: installed benches for the disc golf course

  • Pulaski County Recreation Department: mulched several local playgrounds

  • Dublin Middle School: Re-striped the parking lot

  • YMCA of Pulaski County: deep cleaned the childcare rooms, upgraded the community gardens, and landscaped

  • Power washing the siding of a  shut-in’s home

Project Leaders: These folks are the backbone of GOPC. They love to work with people, own a project, and are challenged by something new. If you think you might be ready to lead a project let us know…we need good leaders.

Submit Your Project Request
  • Please explain the goal(s) and expected timeframe of work.
  • Are there any restrictions to clothing that can be worn, or age(s) that can participate in this project?
  • Are additional funds needed to help pay for this project and/or purchase supplies to complete this project? Do you have the funds already secured and need assistance completing the project with volunteers? Please provide further information.
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Have questions see our FAQ section for most common questions. If you have a specific question that is not addressed in the FAQ please email us.

Email Us

Have a question or idea that is not addressed already? If so please email us to and we are happy to answer your questions.


We hate to ask for money or supplies since you are already volunteering, but to be able to do everything we need your help. If you cannot volunteer and would like to donate funds or supplies please contact us at